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How to Pull Off the Clean Girl Look: Advice From a Professional Makeup Artist

The “Clean Girl” makeup style has become increasingly popular in recent times. Here is a professional makeup artist’s guide on how to pull it off successfully. Book an appointment with Ellie Michel now!

woman cleaning face

Preparing Your Skin

It is crucial that you prepare your face properly if you are looking to pull off the clean girl look. The following steps will help get you ready:

  • Cleanse your face. For starters, you’ll want to make sure that your skin is clean so that your makeup products will set and your face is prepared.

  • Use a toner or rose water to add back in moisture. Washing your face can dry it out, so it is important that you return some of the essentials.

  • Use a moisturizer, plus a serum (only a serum, if you have dry skin). If you want the clean girl look, you’re going to need to ensure that your skin is in its best state.
woman applying concealer


The next step towards a successful clean girl makeup job is going to require you to bring out your concealer.

  • Take out your favorite concealer. Start with a swipe in the inner corner extending into an outwards motion directly underneath the eye.

  • Take that same concealer and give yourself an instant eye lift on the outer corner of the eye. This part is crucial to the success of the clean girl look.
woman eyebrow pencil


Now that you have your concealer set, it is time to draw minimal highlights that are going to help finish the clean girl look.

  • Take your favorite eyebrow pencil and begin lightly filling in any areas that are sparse or have any gaps in between the hairs. Don’t go overboard — the idea is to keep the look as minimal as possible.
  • Take your favorite liquid highlighter and apply it to the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. These areas are important to accentuate.
woman clean girl look

Final Touches

Once you’re nearing the end of preparing your perfect clean girl look, you’re going to need to pull out blush and gloss.

  • Take a cream blush and apply it directly on the apples of the cheeks, directly underneath the liquid highlighter. The blush is one of the final steps towards your perfect clean girl look.

  • Take your favorite gloss and apply it. Go with whichever shade you prefer that keeps your lips looking great without overpowering your look.

  • Set your makeup and get ready to slay for the DAY! At this point, you are all set. You will be looking great, feeling natural, and absolutely nailing the clean girl aesthetic.

If you want to pull off the clean girl look, make sure that you consult Ellie Michel — she knows what it takes to make your makeup work. Book your session with her today and stay beautiful!