How To Create Maddy’s Iconic Euphoria Look: Professional Makeup Artist

The show Euphoria has been making waves, becoming one of the most popular shows to air in recent months. This series involves numerous beautiful women whose eye-catching makeup creates a stunning look. One of the most iconic looks belongs to Maddy, played by Alexa Demie, a gorgeous woman who steals all scenes with her appeal. As a professional makeup artist, Ellie Michel wants to provide you with some tips on recreating this stunning look!


Set a Strong Foundation: Focus on Flawless Skin

There is no need to pack on the foundation, as you want it to look like skin instead of another layer. Pick a tone that matches your skin color because you want it to look as natural as possible. A great product to use is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Foundation, as it provides the quality you need to set the base for all makeup. Make sure to use minimal blush on the cheeks, but you can go all out with contour if you have more of a round or oval face shape.


Feather The Brows, But Keep it Thin

In the show, Maddy tends to rock a feathered brow look, complementing the rest of her style well. To recreate this, you will want to use a product like FentyBeauty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow in a darker tone since this matches the colors found within this look. Make the brows a bit more thinned out, appealing well to the feathery style.


The Sharpest Winged Liner

A sharp winged liner is what truly brings this look together. Use a dark tone such as the one provided by FentyBeauty Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, which helps complement the natural beauty in your eyes. You’ll want to wing it out and make it straight, and don't be scared of making it more on the dramatic side. Continuing near the eyes, you'll want to use end lashes!


Dark Lip Liner Combined with a Lighter Inner Color

Maddy’s lips are a noticeable feature due to the combination of dark lip liner with a light inner color. Combining Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil with FentyBeauty Dragon Mami can create the contrasting look you want to achieve!

Follow these tips if you want to have the Maddy makeup look! Make sure to contact Ellie Michel to book your service today! Stay beautiful.