Ellie Michel: More Than Makeup

Ellie Michel: More Than Makeup

Ellie Michel is a professional makeup artist specializing in beauty, editorial, and commercial makeup globally and internationally. You can find her home base located in Los Angeles. Ellie strives to make her clients feel both beautiful and inspired for their next event. Ellie has had a passion for artistry ever since she could remember, and she is proud to provide custom experiences for each client that sits in her chair. Makeup is so much more that meets the eye. It is a form of expression, and it embraces individuality. In Ellie’s eyes, makeup is an overall experience. Book your next makeup appointment with Ellie Michel!

photo of woman with colorful makeup and butterflies in her hair

It’s a Lifestyle

Makeup itself is only the beginning. It creates an entire lifestyle for individuals to look how they want to look and feel confident within themselves. As an elite makeup artist, Ellie believes makeup is a journey of self-love, and she guarantees you will receive superior service to help you achieve the look of your dreams.

photo of someone with bright colored eyeliner

Create Your Own Sense of Beauty

Every person is beautiful in their own unique ways. Whether you want your hair or makeup done, Ellie can create a look for you catered to exactly what you want. Makeup is a form of art and should make everyone feel empowered in how they want to create their sense of beauty.

photo of a woman with lots of freckles and pearls on her face

Confident in Your Own Skin

Ellie wants each of her clients to feel more confident in the looks she creates for them. Makeup is an opportunity to express yourself and highlight your best features that are already there. Take a look at Ellie’s makeup work here!

photo of a woman using makeup to show off her sense of style

Encourages Individuality

Makeup encourages individuality in each person for several reasons. It can express a person’s mood, personality, sense of expression, style, and so much more. Additionally, it motivates people to be themselves. You deserve the best quality of life as well as the best quality of service, and Ellie is ready to bring that to you!

Makeup is a form of expression and a way to express individuality. Ellie Michel is passionate about her business, and she hopes to inspire every client she works with. Book Ellie Michel today!